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Life becomes much easier and harmonious when genuine and timely advices are received from trustworthy friends/professionals. This becomes more important for the people living abroad and need support for investments and compliances in India.

NRI Consultants is a multi disciplinary consulting enterprise which is established with the aim to provide requisite support and professional services to Indians living abroad.

The services provided are related to financial planning/ investments, income tax issues, legal matters, consumer grievances and sale-purchase of real estates.

The team at NRI Consultants comprises of experienced and learned professionals from related fields viz. chartered accountants, advocates, real estate professionals and persons having banking experience.

Featured services

Personal Finance

Mutual Funds

We interact with our clients, assess their financial needs & risk appetite, suggest suitable MF schemes for investment and thereafter manage their portfolio in a professional manner.

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Income Tax

We provide entire gamut of Income tax consultancy for hassle free transactions in India, which includes filing of ITR, Advance Tax, Capital Gain Tax, etc., follow up with authorities for refund claims and also represent in case of disputes.

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Grievances / Disputes with Banks and Insurance Companies

The grievance resolution service may require filing of case with quasi judicial authorities and there we act as attorney and represent the complainant in an effective manner.

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A common man, in general, wants to avoid facing legal procedures due to the complexities and hassles involved in them. The legal procedures comprise of mainly two parts, viz. Documentation and Litigation. Encountering or landing into litigation might be avoidable but documentation is inevitable, as certain documents viz. Agreements, Contracts, Wills, Property Rights, etc., do not have any legal sanctity unless recorded/ registered as per the law. The time and hassles involved in legalization of documents can be a matter of concern for Indians living abroad. We provide guidance and support in India to our NRI clients. We have a team of experienced advocates and chartered accountants which handles such type of matters with full compliance.

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Real Estate

Buying Property

We as part of our consultancy services take care of all aspects right from understanding the client’s requirements until taking over final possession of property clear from all encumbrances and encroachments.

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Selling Property

We take care of all the needs of our clients and act on their behalf until their properties are transferred to buyers’ names and the deal amounts are realized by clients.

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Renting out Property

We, while recommending any tenant to our clients, thoroughly check the background to ensure our clients’ properties are leased out only to genuine tenants.

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Negotiation Services

We help our clients in taking informed decisions and negotiate better when they plan to invest/ disinvest in real estate in India. We also provide professionals who negotiate in meetings on their behalves for better price discoveries.

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About us

NRI Consultants is a multi disciplinary consulting enterprise established with the aim to provide requisite support and professional services to Indians living abroad. This enterprise is a part of Inprofab Advisors Private Limited.

The company is professionally managed and the promoters have over three decades of experience with some of the most coveted organisations in their respective industries. One of the promoters was an NRI for more than a decade and therefore understands the challenges faced by Indian professionals living abroad.

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