Mutual Funds

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“How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing
in saving accounts? I rest my case”
– Robert G. Allen

An investment decision is governed mainly by the followings factors –

  • Safety of principle amount
  • Return / appreciation on the capital
  • Income tax applicability

There was an era when investments were preferred to be made in bank deposits and government instruments e.g. PPF, NSC, etc., as these gave fairly good returns and offered minimal to no risks. However, with the falling interest rates on bank deposits and government instruments, higher inflation rates and booming equity markets, these instruments of investments are losing their appeal. Investors have started looking for alternate means of investments which are safe as well as offer higher rates of return.

Mutual fund investments have emerged as the demand of time which meet the above objectives. Several mutual fund schemes, with billions of rupees in their assets under management (AUM) are available in the market for investment. Identifying the right mutual funds/schemes as per one’s needs and requirements is no easy task.

Thus, the need of a genuine and knowledgeable MF advisor becomes important, particularly, for NRIs. Through our this website , we interact with our clients, assess their financial needs & risk appetite, suggest suitable MF schemes for investment and thereafter manage their portfolio in a professional manner. Read more ….

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“Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks, please read all schemes related documents carefully.”